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ScreenJack Pro

ScreenJack Pro
ScreenJack Pro ScreenJack Pro ScreenJack Pro ScreenJack Pro
Brand: gTool
Product Code: ScreenJack Pro
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ScreenJack Pro


The ScreenJack Pro allows for a broader range of Apple devices to be opened professionally such as the iPhone 6 /6+ and iPhone 6s and 6S+. Its unique Clam design allows for easy phone docking, it uses 2 suction cups and 2 lifting tabs. Once the cups are placed securely over the glass and back plate of the phone the lifting tabs are then fastened this process ultimately forces the top and bottom clam away from each other and separates the screen from the main body.



1 x ScreenJack Pro
3 x Screen release Stickers
1 x gTool Spudger
1 x Pentalobe Screwdriver
1 Philips Screwdriver


Supported Models

iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE

iPhone 6/6 Plus

iPhone 6S/6S Plus 


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