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PenDriver ESD Black

PenDriver ESD Black
PenDriver ESD Black PenDriver ESD Black
Brand: gTool
Product Code: PenDriver ESD
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PenDriver ESD Black

The PenDriver ESD is USB powered and is shipped out in only one user mode,Smart Manual Mode with 4 preset torque limits, in this mode the PenDriver determines orientation by the amount of pressure applied to the screw. Traditionally a screw is loosened by applying force and turning. With the PenDrivers Manual mode a greater amount of force is applied and a screw is loosened. To fastening a screw a lower force is applied. Using Smart Manual Mode eliminates fatigue and improves productivity.


Torque Rating & RPM via USB 5v:  142 RPM, ± 0.02Nm to 0.25Nm
Torque Rating & RPM via PenDriver USB Power Supply: 176 RPM, ± 0.02Nm to 0.3Nm


Package Includes:

PenDriver ESD Black

Plastic 5 Bit Dock

PenDriver ESD Black Clam Housing

6 x 4mm hex bit set: Philips #00, Philips #000, Slotted 1.5mm, Slotted 1.7mm, Pentalobe

0.8 and Pentalobe 1.2

1 x 1m USB to 2.5mm Jack

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