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Terms & Conditions

The following conditions apply to every order placed on this website. Placing your order with us indicates your acceptance to these terms:  

No Association with Apple, LG or Samsung: iFarParts and this website are in NO WAY associated with Apple, Samsung or LG. Opening up your device may void or limit the scope of Apple's, Samsung’s, LG's warranty that you may or may not have.

Parts Compatibility with Software Updates: While we are certain that our parts will work with your device, the nature of any software/firmware update could result in hardware incompatibilities or unpredictable instabilities. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of functionality if such a situation occurs, nor are we obligated to replace our part with a new one.

Loss of Data: We are in no way responsible for the loss of any music, videos, pictures, text messages, notes, contacts, calendars, settings, or any other data on your device.  We strongly suggest that you backup your data before sending your device to us.

Sales Tax: Unless you are exempt, sales tax will be charged on all orders that are shipping to Florida.

Serial Numbers: When we replace logic boards and/or back-plates, the serial numbers between the two components will no longer match. The serial numbers may also no longer match the serial number of the device recorded in your instance of iTunes.

Situational References in Public Communications: We may reference either directly or by inference a particular situation that we have experienced while working with your order in our website content, on our blogs, in our videos, in our tweets, or in any other method where we are communicating information to the public. These references will never mention our customers' names or other identifying information unless we have the customer's' verbal and/or written consent to do so.

Credit Card Chargebacks: We will consider and investigate the validity of any and all charge-back requests that we receive from a customers’ credit card company.

Unresolved Disputes: We try to work with every customer to resolve any disputes or misunderstandings. However, in the event that a dispute cannot be resolved between us, the dispute must be heard in the Court of West Palm in the State of Florida.

Account Transactions Fees: In the event that a customer incurs any fees (e.g. overage fees, late fees, etc.) to a credit card account, debit card account, or any other account as a result of charges performed by, the cardholder/accountholder will assume all responsibility for these fees. This also applies to situations where we have received explicit instructions to delay the charging of an account until a specific point in time, but have mistakenly charged the account beforehand.

Copyright Notice: iFarParts maintains this site for your entertainment, information, education, and communication. Please feel free to browse the Site but all images, copies and uses are owned by iFixandRepair LLC.  Any and all use of these images or text must be approved in writing by ownership prior to use.

iFarParts and this website are in NO WAY associated with Apple, Samung or LG

'Apple', 'iPod', 'iPhone' and 'iPad' are trademarks of Apple, 'Samsung', 'S3', 'S4','S5', 'S6",'S7' Galaxy, are registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Opening up your device may void or limit the scope of Apple's, Samsung’s, LG's warranty that you may or may not have.

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