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Return Policies & Procedures

iFarParts Network Return Policies & Procedures


We must ask that broken screen shipments and RMA shipments be shipped separately. Please do not combine these shipments. iFarParts will not be able to process any combined RMA and broken screen shipments.

Returns must be sent in no later than 60 days from the date of purchase. The RMA must be submitted to iFarParts within 60 days of delivery.

1. Our Process to get Exchange your RMA Parts: We will examine your returns to ensure the following: 1) the parts were purchased from iFarParts and 2) that they parts are not damaged from install (torn flexes and or broken glass). Damaged parts from shipping should be immediately returned for exchange PRIOR to any installation.

2. Parts we can Exchange: We will gladly accept the following returns, parts with non-working or partially working digitizers, white LCD, discolored LCD, non-functioning parts in their original condition with no scratches, torn, broken or missing parts.

3. Parts we cannot Exchange: Unfortunately, there are parts that we are unable to accept. Such as: items with scratched digitizers or LCD’s, torn flexes, broken brackets, color conversions without the home button, or any other physical damage that causes the part not to be in its original condition. Any parts without iFarParts stickers or markings cannot be returned.

4. No refund Policy: We Exchange on Non-working parts. We DO NOT ISSUE REFUND for parts or accessories.


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